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For its luxurious resorts and beautiful beaches, this is what Cancun is known about to be.

The island that is now Cancun’s Hotel Zone was home to a mere three residents and a large coconut plantation 40 years ago.

Enjoying the world-class accommodations and experience Mayan history, the remarkably successful development of the area represents one of Cancun’s most fascinating but overlooked stories though travelers taking Tulum tours from Cancun visits to relax in the sun.

tulum tour to cancun

The island of the Cancun was known as Kaank’uun in Mayan which was home to the sizeable population of fishermen and merchants during the high period of the Mayan Kingdom.

The island represented an important site for the Mayans as Cancun had ample of access to the resources of the Caribbean Sea.

For food and trade routes developed from major sites throughout the Yucatan Peninsula to make use of Cancun’s ideal location, large settlements relied on the citizens of Cancun while taking Tulum tour Mexico you will also come across this.

Many of the area’s citizens died or moved inland leaving the island of Cancun nearly empty for several hundreds of years, after the arrival of Spanish.

At a few small archaeological sites in Cancun and the larger historical sites such as Tulum, Coba and Chichen Itza, the incredible history of Mayan can be seen today while taking Tulum Tours from Cancun.

In the winter months of 1967, the story of modern Cancun begun. The Bank of Mexico undertook a study to find the ideal travel destination in search for new methods of increasing tourism and income within the country.

Looking for sites with appealing scenery, weather and recreation opportunities, a group of Mexico traversed Mexico’s 11,000 miles of coastline.

Some say that the economist’s data was run through a computer and the island of Cancun was analytically selected by the processor after the initial stage of the research was complete.

The destination was selected after bank official’s reviews the study’s diverse data according to other historical experts. Cancun was determined to be the most desirable site in Mexico in either case.

Cancun tour began to take share as many travelers love to visit it today and this happened in just a matter of two years.

Cancun was little more than just a coconut farm when the development started in January 1970.

To convince the Mexican government to move forward, the pleasant beaches, clean water, and spectacular scenery were the great sites to visit there.

Mexico is said to have financed the first nine hotels itself as the foreign investors were skeptical.

While the workers were encouraged to develop the mainland portion of the city which is known as El-Centro, the city’s master plan called for the internationally-focused hotels and tourist sites to fill the island.

Throughout the decade, though the international tourism did not catch on during the 1970s, Cancun began to see an increasing number of Mexican visitors.

Investors began to see the possibilities of this idyllic city as the city developed further and an international airport was constructed.


Cancun and its citizens also strengthened local connections by retaining ownership of most of the businesses as even large chains, such as fast food restaurants, despite the international influence.

While the tourists can enjoy an increasingly impressive array of activities from the luxury-minded resorts to the vibrant traditional atmosphere of El Centro and visitors can also take Tulum tour Cenote which is a biosphere reserve.

The city is now regarded as not only one of the most enticing destinations in the Caribbean region but one of the best resort cities in the world though it has been less than 40 years since the vast concept of today’s Cancun became a reality.

Each year, the city is home to nearly 600,000 residents and welcomes approximately 3 million visitors throughout the world.

Everyone that has passed through the area has witnessed the sites that triggered both the development and the eventual international popularity which is the scenery, the beaches, the weather, and the city it.

While marveling at the amazing angelfish that can be found swimming around the clear blue waters, visitors can experience a barefoot romantic walk along the powder beach.

Walking barefoot is never a problem since the sand is made up of hollow coral grains that allow circulation of air even during the day. Not far from the coastline the Great Mayan Reed can be located.

Found in the Western Hemisphere, this reef is known to be the largest one. These days, however, the coral reefs are now slowly rehabilitating with many of the fish shoals returning, though in 2005 the reef was damaged badly during the hurricane season.

Visitors can experience and enjoy swimming along with turtles as Akumal beach is a short distance away from the coast.

Since it is more known for its natural beauty, watersports are not a common sight in this area.

The white sandy beach of Playacar affords guests with a variety of watersports which includes body boarding and jet skiing thirty minutes away from Tulum.

For those who want to enjoy an inexpensive activity during their trip to Mexico, a day spent in one of the many ecological sites and parks of Tulum is a must. Three parks to visit which are there in existence today.

Submerged rivers, caves, cool lagoons, landscaped gardens, water rides, dolphin swimming activities and various Mayan them shows that the entire family would enjoy is what Tres Rios, Xel-Ha, and Xcaret have.

Things that make Mexico such a place is the warm sandy beaches, sunny jungles, and the stunning ruins. Tulum is the destination for you if you are trying to escape the tourist scene.

To stay the night in which you should desire is the many beachside cabanas which are available. The iguanas crossing the grounds, relaxing in the hammock and watching the sunset across the sky is something which you will be cherished for your lifetime.

The Tulum tour also includes some of the most stunning Mayan ruins in Latin America. Perching just off the Caribbean Sea, Tulum was a flourishing Mayan city.

Unforgettable vistas and memorable tours are the amazing settings which Tulum travel is made up of. This region was once a major trading post for the Mayans and Spaniards alike, just a short day trip away from the Playa Del Carmen. Today here you have many things to see and do.

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